Our award-winning, live-action feature length film, THE CHROMISM, tells the origin of the HUES and the seeds of conflict in this black and white world.


Our comic series, THE DARK YEAR, picks up right after the film with new and existing characters during the fall of society as we know it.


The MONOCHROME story continues for fans who can now dive into the lore themselves via one of our multiple immersive games.


Unique dystopian character avatars allow players to have their own identity, persona and accessories in our MONOCHROME world.


The black and white, dystopian story of MONOCHROME transverses across various multimedia mediums including, feature films, a spin-off comic series, games, avatars and more that explore the world, it’s characters and the implications that ensue when society sees color for the first time in individuals they label as, “HUES“.